In search of Adventure...

Session 1

Sickness at Duvik's Pass

After a long and uneventful journey, the ragtag group of adventurers arrived at the small mining town of Duvik’s Pass. There a guardsman informs the group of the villages’ plight.

Around town, the party talks to Mayor Kristoff Sellers who explains to the group that the town has been stricken by a sickness that is killing many of townsfolk and asks for their help. Before the party leaves he lends them his faithful hound, Titus. Next, the party visits Father Samuel a priest of Moradin. They learn about the sickness and are encouraged to pray with the father. Lastly the party visits Arianna, the chief miners wife whose husband went to the mine and hasn’t returned in 3 days. After purchasing supplies and enjoying a night of cheap ale, the party sets off for the mine in the morning.

Arriving at the entrance the party notices chips and scratches along the support beams along with dried blood. Once inside the mine, they discover an overturned cart with a human male underneath. Quickly they discover and disarmed a trap and learn that the victim is Jerrick Dace, the chief miner. The party collects Dace and returns him to his wife back in the town.

Back at the mine the party discovers a band of worrisome and nervous kobolds that they manage to kill and a filthy pantry plagued with rats and a giant weasel. Unfortunately the weasel proved to be too much for Titus and he was killed. Further in the mine, the party discovers a murky pool and another kobold party that they effectively run out of the mine. After exploring the kobolds camp the group descends deeper to find a hotbed of death and disease.

Human, dwarf and kobold bodies were piled up on the floor and were occasionally nibbled on by rats. In the final chamber of the mine, the party discovers the source of the sickness, a vile orc with divine magic. After a few well-placed arrows, the orc was slain and the wellspring almost immediately became clear again.

After looting a chest, the party decided to head back to town.



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